3 Fitness-Enhancing Pool Design Features

21 October 2014
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For some people, a backyard pool is strictly a place to unwind and relax or the setting for a great outdoor party. For those people, swim-up bars, LED lighting, and waterproof sound systems might be the perfect pool features. But what if you're less interested in relaxing or partying and more interested in training and conditioning? It should come as no surprise that swimming is a fitness activity that can benefit almost anyone, from those with physical limitations to those who are in peak athletic form. Read More 

Going Virtual: Tips For Setting Up Your Own Home Office

26 September 2014
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When businesses create work environments for employees, the focus is typically on productivity and efficiency. Creating an office space in your own home should be no different. You need a work area that will be comfortable for you, but also will allow you to be as productive as possible. Here are some tips to help you create the home office that you need to succeed. Choose the Right Location One of the biggest decisions you'll make when setting up a home office is in the location. Read More 

Four Earth-Friendly Ways To Reuse Shredded Paper

18 September 2014
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Shredding old documents takes care of confidential information getting into the wrong hands, but it leaves you with bags of shredded paper to dispose of. While recycling it through your city's recycle program is a viable option in some areas, not all recycling centers accept shredded paper because it's small fibers tend to gum up machines used for paper recycling, says My Zero Waste. That means you will need to be creative in finding ways to reuse the shredded paper you produce. Read More 

De-Clutter And De-Stress: Reasons And Ways To Simplify Your Lifestyle

5 September 2014
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If you're overwhelmed with your lifestyle and home, it's time for a change. Having a stressful lifestyle and a cluttered environment has a unique, but bad effect on your quality of life. It's time to simplify--for the sake of your health.  Get Rid Of What You Don't Need Where there's mess, there's stress. You might think that, even though you have a lot of stuff, it's not really in the way. Read More 

Radiant Heating Types For The Economical Homeowner: Which Is Best For You?

29 August 2014
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If you've been looking for a way to heat your home more efficiently, you may have heard about radiant heating, which is comparable to what you feel when standing in front of a fire or your oven. Because of its ability to efficiently heat your home, radiant heat has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners as a way to save on utility bills. Here are the three different types of radiant heat and how they work so that you can choose the best one for your home and budget. Read More