3 Fitness-Enhancing Pool Design Features

21 October 2014
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For some people, a backyard pool is strictly a place to unwind and relax or the setting for a great outdoor party. For those people, swim-up bars, LED lighting, and waterproof sound systems might be the perfect pool features. But what if you're less interested in relaxing or partying and more interested in training and conditioning?

It should come as no surprise that swimming is a fitness activity that can benefit almost anyone, from those with physical limitations to those who are in peak athletic form. It's even useful for injured athletes who want to keep up their training without further injuring themselves in the process. Luckily, if you're considering a pool primarily for the exercise benefits, there are accessories and design features that are designed specifically to accommodate you. Check out some of the best fitness-enhancing pool designs features that you should consider.

Lap Pools

Before there was water ballet and water aerobics and water jogging, there was the simple but effective exercise of swimming laps. Ordinary residential pools are typically the wrong size and shape for effective lap swimming – a lap pool is long and narrow, and in a residential setting, it usually only has enough room for one lane, which means only one person can swim laps at a time. That should let you focus on your workout in peace.

A lap pool can also be a good option if you simply don't have the room for a full-sized residential pool. Despite the length, lap pools take up less space than full sized pools, and they come in a variety of styles that can work for many different space needs.

Plunge Pools

A plunge pool can be added in conjunction with a lap pool or full sized pool, or if your space is really limited, they can be a standalone feature. There's no universal size or shape for a plunge pool, but generally they're pools that are bigger than a spa, but smaller than a lap pool or regular-sized swimming pool.

A plunge pool with jets installed can be used as massage therapy for an injury, or to ease sore muscles after a heavy workout. While plunge pools aren't big enough to swim laps in, that doesn't mean that you can't work out in them. They can be used for swimming or water jogging in place. If installed in conjunction with a larger pool, a hot or cold plunge pool can help you warm up before a workout or cool down after one.

Swim Current Systems

Do you already have a pool, but you're looking for ways to increase the difficulty of your watery workout? A swim current system may be the answer that you're looking for. These systems provide the water resistance that is missing from ordinary pools, but that you'd find in natural bodies of water, like the ocean or the river.

Swimming against the current means that you'll be working your muscles harder than before, resulting in better training than you were getting from your previous swim experience. Swim current systems can be a good choice in a plunge pool, making swimming in place more challenging.

They also work well in a standard sized pool, increasing the impact of the swimming that you do there, even if you're not doing laps. As a matter of fact, these systems can even turn casual swimming into a workout, which is great for the swimmer who wants to train but needs a little bit of a jump start. And for the ultimate swimming workout, install a current system in a lap pool – you'll feel as if you're swimming in your own personal river.

It doesn't matter whether you're already a fitness enthusiast or if you're out of shape and looking for a fun and easy way to break those unhealthy couch-potato habits. Wherever you are on the fitness spectrum, a pool may be the answer that you're look for. Visit a local pool design and renovation company for advice  on designing the perfect pool for your needs. Continue for more info.