Why Buying a Home on Country Club Property Is Worth It

26 April 2021
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When you first see homes on a country club property, you might be surprised at their prices. They do typically cost more than the same home would cost on a private street a few miles away. If a country club home is truly outside of your budget, then this is probably not a smart choice for you. But if you are able to afford a country club home, you'll probably find it's worth the higher price for the following reasons.

You'll live near your friends and acquaintances.

Presumably, you are already a member of the country club and are friends with other members. If you move into a home on the property, then you will be living near these friends,and you will also have a chance to meet and befriend other country club members. Living surrounded by your friends is so much fun. You can have dinner parties, meet up for walks in the evening, and even house sit for each other when you travel.

You'll have entertainment on-site.

Do you ever find yourself staying home rather than going out, simply because you don't want to drive all the way to the golf course, the pool, or another entertainment center? You won't have this problem when you move into a country club home. You'll have lots of things to do right on-site, often within walking distance, which means you're likely to go out and enjoy those entertainment options more often. It is also easier and safer to drink while you golf or entertain yourself since you don't have to drive home.

Your property will hold its value.

The real estate market is always up and down. But homes on country club property tend to hold their value a little better over time. There are often more people who want to move into the country club homes than there are homes. So, if you do ever change your mind and decide to sell your home, you shouldn't have trouble finding a buyer. This can give you peace of mind and remove the need to carefully time your move and sale based on the ever-changing market. As you grow older, you'll appreciate this flexibility more and more.

Country club homes are not cheap, but if you can afford to buy one, you'll be buying into a lovely life experience. Residents typically enjoy living in a place where they are surrounded by friends and can enjoy various entertainment without traveling so far. 

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