4 Things To Know About Taking Care Of Hummingbirds In Your Yard

9 June 2020
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If you want to enjoy hummingbirds in your yard, you need to set-up an environment for the hummingbirds to hang out. That means putting up an ant-proof and wasp-proof hummingbird feeder that will attract the hummingbirds to your yard.

Thing #1: Buy the Right Feeder

You don't want to use just any feeder if you want to specifically attract hummingbirds to your yard. Instead, you want to purchase a hummingbird feeder that is designed to allow the hummingbirds to drink the sweet sugar you will put inside of the feeder.

This feeder should be specially designed in a way that will keep out both ants and wasps, both of which will decrease your chance of enjoying hummingbirds coming to your feeder.

Thing #2: Feed Them Simple Sugar

You don't have to invest in a really expensive solution in order to attract hummingbirds. You can make your own hummingbird food mixture.

All you need is either cane sugar or beet sugar. Then, mix one cup of sugar up with five cups of water, and put the solution in the hummingbird feeder. Remember to clean the feeder and change out the solution every few days.

Do not use other types of sugar. You should not try to feed the hummingbirds powdered sugar, brown sugar, organic sugar, turbinado, or raw sugar. You should also never use any type of artificial sweetener or honey in the feeder.

For the water, purchase a few gallons of spring water. Tap water is okay, but often contains additional minerals based on where you live, making spring water the best choice.

Keep in mind that the sugar solution you put in your feeder can easily ferment, especially in the hot summer sun. That is why it is a good idea to just put enough feeder in for your birds for the day and refill the feeder each evening. Not overfilling the feeder will prevent lots of sugar water from spoiling and will help keep away other insects who may be attracted to the sweetness offered in the feeder.

Thing #3: Change Your Vegetation

A hummingbird feeder is not the only way to attract hummingbirds into your yard. You can also make sure your garden and yard are filled with things that a hummingbird would enjoy. Hummingbirds love nectar, so be sure to plant nectar-producing flowers.

Some flowers that hummingbirds love include the cardinal flower, zinnia, salvia, butterfly bush, lumpiness, and petunias. All these flowers will help attract hummingbirds to your yard.

Also, make sure that you don't use any pesticides or insecticides in your yard that will kill the insects and spiders that naturally thrive in your yard. Hummingbirds enjoy eating insects and spiders, in addition to nectar.

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