About Prompt Chimney Repairs

12 June 2023
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Along with other maintenance and servicing needs that a commercial structure has, staying on top of the condition of the chimney is also important. You want to familiarize yourself with signs that indicate the chimney needs repairing. This way, you catch problems right away and can avoid the situation getting worse. This article will provide you with information on determining if the chimney needs repairing and go over some advantages of having the repairs dealt with swiftly. 

Signs the chimney is in need of repairing

Cracks: Visible cracks or holes in the bricks mean the chimney should be repaired as soon as possible. Cracks can cause a number of additional issues, including the chimney becoming unstable, leaking, and more.

Deteriorating mortar: If you see areas where the mortar shows signs of chipping, flaking, or crumbling, then this lets you know the mortar is deteriorating and should be repaired as quickly as possible.

Signs of smoke: If there is smoke inside the building, then this can mean there's an issue going on with the chimney's draft. Some examples of possible issues include poor ventilation, blockages, or a damaged flue liner. These things can affect the chimney's ability to remove smoke and gasses effectively, and this can create a health and safety risk. 

Damaged cap, crown, or flashing: The chimney cap protects against moisture, debris, and pests. The crown seals the top of the chimney to also offer protection from moisture. The flashing is the metal material that seals the joint between the chimney and the roof and also offers protection from moisture. If you notice damage to any of these, the issues should be addressed quickly to prevent problems. 

Tilting chimney: If the chimney looks like it's tilting, then this could mean there is a serious structural issue that needs immediate attention to prevent significant damage and possible injuries. 

Advantages of having chimney repairs done promptly

Health and safety: The best way to ensure that a building is healthy and safe is by acting quickly when possible chimney issues are noticed. The chimney has an important job, and any repairs should be done right away so you know the structure will be free of dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide. Speedy repairs also prevent the possibility of a fire. 

Energy efficiency: A damaged chimney can also negatively affect the energy efficiency of the structure, making it more difficult and expensive to keep it heated and cooled. When you have problems repaired promptly, it can greatly improve the energy efficiency of the structure. 

Structure aesthetics: When a chimney has visible damage, it can affect the overall aesthetics of the structure, making it look neglected and aged. 

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