Want To Improve Your Older Home? 4 Reasons To Begin With Window Replacement

28 October 2021
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In most areas of the country, existing homes cost considerably less than newly constructed ones. Existing homes can also be a better value in terms of both the size of the home and the size of the lot where it is located. Some existing homes may also have more storage or features like wood-burning fireplaces and real hardwood flooring that are not as common in today's newly constructed homes. 

Unfortunately, many older homes do lag far behind newer ones when windows are considered. Homeowners who plan on making improvements to their older home may want to begin the process by replacing the windows, and here are some important reasons why. 

Increase physical comfort 

Older homes, especially ones built in the era when single-pane windows were common, can allow drafts to enter the home. While the home's HVAC system may be able to maintain the desired temperature, drafts that seep in around old windows can create chilly areas that are uncomfortable for the people and pets who live there. 

Older or inferior windows can also create condensation on the glass surfaces, which can be capable of affecting the humidity levels in the home. If condensation occurs frequently, it can damage the sill, the wall below the window, and even the floor from moisture or developing mold. Replacing older, single-pane, or inferior windows will help to prevent drafts and insulate the glass to stop condensation from forming.

Reduce energy bills 

If your older home has not yet had the original windows replaced with modern thermal windows, you could be spending too much to heat and cool your home. When properly installed and sealed, replacement windows can bolster efficiency and help to reduce home energy use. Additionally, homeowners may wish to consider replacement windows that offer more protection from UV rays or those with coatings that provide more privacy for the interior of the home. 

Bring in more natural light 

One seemingly instant benefit that homeowners can enjoy by installing new windows in their older home is the increase in natural light. Since many older homes were built with basic windows, replacing them with larger ones in some areas of the home can help to dispel shadows and create more attractive living spaces while also reducing the need for artificial lighting. 

Increase property value

If you have plans to sell the home soon, window replacement can also help to increase the property value and help the home attract more attention from serious buyers.

To learn more, contact a window replacement service in your area.