Three Benefits Of Cooking On A Wood Pellet Smoker Grill

15 September 2020
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Buying new devices on which to cook can be enticing when you're a cooking enthusiast, but it's always a good idea to do your research instead of make an impulsive buy. If you've heard about friends using wood pellet smoker grills to cook a wide variety of foods outdoors, you might be curious about buying such a device, too. Before doing so, it's advantageous to understand the many benefits of cooking in this manner. The following three benefits are enticing to many people. If they appeal to you, look for a wood pellet smoker grill at a local outdoor cooking retailer.

Authentic Smoke Flavor

For many people, there are few tastes that are better with cuts of beef, pork, and chicken than smoke. While you can use bottled products such as liquid smoke to give somewhat of a smoky flavor to meat that you cook in the oven, there's nothing like the real thing. When you cook on a wood pellet smoker grill, you're introducing actual smoke from hardwood pellets to your meat. This is a flavor that not only works well on beef, pork, and chicken, but also on many types of fish and even vegetables. Different types of pellets provide slightly different smoke flavors, so you have plenty of options about how your food will taste.

No Prolonged Oven Usage

When you favor the "low and slow" method of cooking — something that you'll employ when you cook beef brisket, pork shoulder, and other large cuts of meat — you can technically use the oven inside of your home. Doing so presents numerous challenges, though. In the summer, you might not want to run the oven for what ends up being a large percentage of the day because of the heat that this appliance generates inside of your home. Additionally, if you're entertaining guests, you won't be able to use the oven for other tasks because you have meat cooking in it. A smoker grill is a dedicated space for this type of cooking.

Easy Fuel Management

While cooking outdoors, there are all sorts of fuel that you can use. Some people use grills with charcoal briquettes, for example, while others may favor cooking over actual wood on a fire pit. There are challenges to managing these types of fuel. Briquettes can easily get your hands and clothing dirty, while using real wood requires splitting and storing the wood. A pellet smoker grill is convenient because it holds a large volume of pellets in a hopper on the side of the unit. When the hopper gets low, you simply add more pellets to it in order to keep the fire burning at your desired temperature. Doing so isn't messy and takes just a short amount of time.