Information On Live Reggae Music

25 September 2019
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Reggae music is a type of music that has a strong history and that has had a very strong impact in certain cultures. The first thing you want to understand about this type of music is that it originated in Jamaica, in a poor area. You can learn more about reggae music by continuing with this article.

How did reggae music come to be?

It began as a way for the people to express themselves and to get their message out about things like freedom from slavery, peace, love, being free from an oppressive government, and just treating everyone equally and with love and respect. The message was popular, and the sound was original and catchy. All these things came together to make reggae music popular in many parts of the world, far from its origins in Jamaica. In fact, the reggae music had such an impact that it started its own subculture and style. Perhaps one of the most recognizable songs of this music style would be No Woman, No Cry which is sung by Bob Marley, a very popular reggae singer with an unbelievable fan base.

What does reggae music sound like?

Reggae music is very unique and there isn't really a style like it. The closest style to reggae would have to be ska music. However, there are still vast differences between the two types of music. Reggae has a style that combines a lot of different instruments and bits of other music styles to create one fantastic style that stands out and is very easy to discern from all other types of music. Some of the instruments used include drums, guitars, keyboards, congas, and more.

Are live reggae music stations popular?

Live reggae music radio stations are very popular because the reggae culture has proven to have longevity with its fan base. This means whereas some people like new wave when they are younger, then progress to liking alternative rock, only to end up liking heavy rock, while people who become a part of the reggae culture seem to grab on to it and continue in that culture for many years, surrounding themselves with like minded people. This is why these radio stations are so popular, they have loyal listeners and continue to add to those listeners without having their numbers drop. Another thing about these radio stations is they also get played constantly at group gatherings, so people are always learning about the stations and tuning in.