Listening To A Well Pump: What You Might Discover If You Know How To Listen

29 July 2019
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Residential water well pumps and services exist for the thousands of families that still rely on well water because they live too far from the nearest cities to receive city water. If you move into a rural area, it does not matter if you are constructing a house or a business, you will need some of the services provided by well contractors. Additionally, after your well has been installed, you may want to spend some time listening to the well pump. It will help you determine when you need a well contractor to return and repair the pump, replace the pump, or dig a new well. Here is what to listen for. 

Louder Hum or a Rattle

Most well pumps that are running correctly will make a consistent but reasonably quiet hum. If there is something not quite right with them, they will make a louder or inconsistent hum, or possibly even rattle. If you hear a louder or intermittent hum or a rattling noise coming from your well, call the well repair technician or well contractor to come check it out. It needs to be fixed. 

Slooshing and Gurgling

Water from your well comes up through a series of pipes and hoses. When the pump is straining to pump water up against gravity because it is not functioning as it should (or there is not enough water in the well anymore), you will hear a lot of "slooshing" and gurgling. It sounds like the pump is straining to get the water up and out and like there are lots of air bubbles in the line. This may either be a pump problem that needs repair, or it may be the well itself. Wells do not last forever, and some have very short "lives". Your well contractor can pull the pump up out of the well to check the pump and then send a scope into the well to see what the water situation is like. If it is not the pump, and the well is just too low on water, you will need a new well. 


Sometimes well pumps, particularly the submersible ones, have a tendency to tip over inside the well. If they tip all the way over onto their sides, it may occlude the pump's ability to intake water and push it up toward the surface. It will work harder to make that happen, and the harder it works, the more the metal casing of the pump may bang on rocks on the bottom of the well. You just need a contractor to come and right the pump to a standing position again. 

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