Pros & Cons Of Working With A Staffing Agency Instead Of Filling Construction Jobs On Your Own

16 May 2019
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When your construction business is lacking the employees needed to get work done, it slows down entire projects. Unfortunately, having to stop and look for new people to fill certain roles takes up valuable time, but a construction staffing agency can help. Check out some of the pros and cons of working with these agencies. 

Pro: The staffing agency will be able to get your staff members faster. 

Most staffing agencies keep a running list of individuals who are qualified for certain jobs or who are looking for certain jobs in their databases. Therefore, if you go in and let an agency know that you have construction jobs to be filled, it is not impossible for them to already have some candidates they can call right away to see if they would be interested. 

Con: The staffing agency will charge a fee for their services. 

One of the few downfalls of bringing in the aid of a staffing agency when you have construction roles that need to be filled within your company is that you will have to pay a fee for the services provides. Some staffing agencies charge flat rates, but most ask a percentage or commission for hourly workers they provide. Even though this is an added expense, the services can help your construction business run more efficiently overall, so it is a wise investment. 

Pro: The individuals sent by the staffing agency will be well-vetted. 

One highly regarded perk of working with a construction staffing agency is that every individual who gets sent to you will be properly vetted before they arrive. Vetting new employees is something that often has to be rushed through when you are handling hiring on your own because of lacking time. But the staffing agency is fully dedicated specifically to vetting and finding the right people, so they will go to great lengths to ensure every candidate is right. 

Con: Working with a staffing agency may require some initial input. 

When you initially contract with a staffing agency to get jobs filled, you will have to work with them to get the fine details laid out about what you need. For example, you may have to set up an initial consultation in which you are asked about what type of employees you need, what education requirements must be met, and what training potential candidates must have. This initial time for setting things up is well worth the exchange, however. 

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