3 Pivotal Insights For Those Collecting Vintage Posters For The First Time

9 December 2018
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If you're a fan of items from previous eras, then collecting vintage posters may be a sound hobby to get into. There are so many great options out there and they can really liven up your living spaces. If you've never collected these posters before, the following tips can get you started:

Choose a Theme 

Since the options for vintage posters are seemingly limitless today, you'll want to choose a particular theme to collect. Doing so helps you narrow down your options, making the search process much more manageable as a novice.

Some of the more popular themes you'll see include movies, video games, sci-fi, arts and crafts, wildlife, music, and landscapes. When trying to narrow in on a particular theme, think about what would make sense for your home. You want elements to flow with these vintage posters, after all.

Which theme you choose may also depend on what room the posters are going in. For example, if they're being set up in a movie room, an entertainment theme would be an ideal focus. If you're an avid cyclist, vintage cycling posters might be perfect for your home office.

Find the Right Supplier 

There are so many suppliers you can purchase vintage posters from, especially if you search online. However, to ensure the vintage posters you buy are high-quality and stand the test of time, you need to be selective with the supplier you purchase from.

Look at the supplier's inventory before purchasing to get an idea of their products. Do they seem in pristine condition, or are there structural issues that cause you some concern? When assessing vintage poster suppliers, it's also useful to look at their seller ratings. They give you a fairly accurate idea of how a particular seller does business on a consistent basis. 

Protect Your Investments

Once you've purchased enough vintage posters to start your collection, it's paramount to protect your investment. Otherwise, your posters may not last that long and you may lose a lot of money on restoration and replacements. 

The best way to protect vintage posters is to put them in protective frames. Glass frames, for example, can shield your posters from temperature fluctuations and dust. Even simple frames like matboard can give your vintage posters some structural support over the years. 

Vintage poster collecting is such a booming hobby now, as homeowners are looking for creative ways to transform their interiors. You'll have success -- even as a beginner -- by knowing what you want and making the right preparations even before these posters arrive.