3 Features To Look For In An AC Motor Drive

5 September 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog


Many business applications require you to rely on mechanical equipment. The motors within these pieces of equipment must be regulated properly to ensure they function correctly and last for as long as possible.

Adding an AC motor drive to your machinery can be a simple and effective way to gain greater control over motor function. There are some key features that you should be looking for when investing in an AC motor drive to ensure that you end up with the best drive for your individual applications.

1. Versatile Driving Controls

Since the main goal of any AC motor drive is to help you regulate motor performance, you should be looking for a drive that offers maximum versatility when it comes to driving controls. Being able to adjust the control settings on your AC motor drive allows you to use the same machinery for a number of different applications.

You should also ensure that your Ac motor drive offers you the ability to control both speed and torque to ensure proper performance from your machinery in the future.

2. Low Malfunction Rate

Another important feature to look for when investing in an AC motor drive is a low malfunction rate. Companies that manufacture AC motor drives are required to put their drives through a series of performance tests. The results of these tests are available upon request.

You should compare load capabilities and performance ratings to determine which drive is best equipped to meet your specific needs. A low malfunction rate means that your AC motor drive will continue to run efficiently well into the future, reducing downtime and helping you keep overhead costs low.

3. Self-Diagnosis

In the event that your AC motor drive does experience a malfunction, it can be helpful to know exactly what the malfunction is. This information allows you to seek proper repair so that you can get your AC motor drive up and running as quickly as possible.

Modern electronics and advanced processing capabilities have allowed Ac motor drives to be programmed with self-diagnosis features. A diagnostic test can be run by the motor drive to determine the source of a malfunction. You can also use self-diagnosis to monitor performance rates and make adjustments that will save you time and money in the long run.

The right AC motor drive can serve as a valuable tool in improving the longevity, reliability, and performance of your machinery. Contact a company, like Automated PT, for more help.