How To Keep Your Long-Term Self Storage Unit Organized And Easy To Manage

20 December 2016
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Utilizing a storage unit long-term is a great way to keep belongings around that don't quite fit into your house. But without proper management, your self-storage unit can get disorganized quickly, which will make it tough to maintain. Here are a few things you can do to keep your long-term storage unit well organized and east to manage:

Install Utility Shelves

Before moving any of your belongings into the storage unit, install utility shelves along the walls of the space. If your stuff is already in the unit, gather it into the middle of the room or move it right outside so you can install the shelves. Metal utility shelves may rust after some time, so consider using plastic shelving instead. You can secure the shelves to the walls by tying one end of thin pieces of rope to the top corners of them and then stapling the other end of the ropes to the wall. Once the shelves are in place, store items that aren't already in containers on them to keep them off the floor and free from damage.

Hang Netting from the Ceiling

You can also hang some netting on the roof by stapling the edges of the netting to the corners near the ceiling of the storage unit. Light items such as clothing and shoes can be stored in the netting above your head so you don't have to dig through it to find other things you might need in the unit. It's a good idea for storing things you won't often need, because you will likely have to unpack the netting in order to find what you need, which can be time-consuming. But the extra space and organization that the netting provides should make up for the bit of inconvenience.

Color Code Your Containers

Color coding your containers is another great way to organize your belongings so they aren't in the way and they can be easily found. Start by repacking your containers so that like-items are found in each one – things like books or small kitchen appliances should be in their own containers. Once everything is packed, color code the containers using colored stickers or markers so you know what's in each of them. For example, you can code all the boxes with DVDs in them with green stickers, containers with jewelry in them with blue stickers, and tubs with nick-knacks in them with yellow stickers.

"Spring" Clean a Few Times a Year

Take the time to "spring" clean your storage unit three or four times a year to make sure that you aren't storing anything in the space that is no longer needed. The less you have to store, the easier it will be to keep things organized and effectively manage as time goes on. Spend a day going through boxes, bags, and other containers to make sure everything is still in usable shape. Get rid of anything that has aged too much to keep, and sell the stuff that you just don't want anymore. If you can get rid of just two or three things each time you go through your storage unit, the space should stay comfortable and convenient year-round.

Create a Maintenance Station

To make organizing and managing your storage unit comfortable, create a small maintenance station in the corner where you can comfortably sit and where you have room to go through boxes. Lay a small throw rug on the ground in a corner, place a cozy padded chair on the rug, add a little end table and a lamp to the mix, and then settle in to sift through your belongings, sort stuff, and pack new things as they come in.

Because color tends to have an effect on emotions, make sure the rug and furnishings you use for the corner feature accent colors that will make spending time in the storage unit pleasant and stress-free. Choose a chair with blue hues to keep your blood pressure low, use a rug with yellow accents to invoke happiness and contentment, or incorporate a lamp with green elements to create a refreshing atmosphere.

These basic tips and tricks should make your self-storage unit convenient to use as the years pass. 

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