What Is A Pop Up Canopy And What Might You Use One For?

29 November 2016
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Perhaps you have heard of a pop up canopy and you are wondering how you might make good use of one. Basically, a pop up canopy is a covering that is supported by poles and is used for shelter. There are no walls on this type of shelter, as it is open sided. The pop up canopy is meant to shade people and products from the sun's ultraviolet rays, and from the wind and rain. It is completely portable, as it collapses to a small size, allowing you to transport it to your desired location. Generally, this type of covering sets up in just minutes. There are many outdoor uses for a pop up canopy, which is why you might want to consider purchasing one.

A Detailed Look at the Pop-Up Canopy

You may notice the terms portable gazebo, ez up canopy, or frame tent as you shop for your pop up canopy. Don't be confused by this terminology, as these are often one and the same. You'll find that pop up canopies are available in several sizes to accommodate various needs. Common sizes are 10 x 10 feet, 12 x 12 feet and 20 x 20 feet. The construction of a pop up canopy is typically composed of two parts or sections. In the box you will find the top or covering, as well as the one-piece frame which supports and holds the top in place. Most pop up canopy frames are made of stainless steel, although the economy products may feature aluminum frames. If you require something extra durable, consider the stainless steel framed canopies.

The top or covering of the canopy will typically be made of a polyester or polyester blend fabric. Many canopy tops feature circulation vents which can be opened or closed as desired. In many cases, various color choices are available. If you are using your canopy for commercial purposes, you might have one custom made with silk screening or digitally printed graphics. A carrying bag is typically included as well.

Discover the Many Uses for a Pop Up Canopy

Now that you've learned a bit more about the features of pop up canopies and how they are made, you may be wondering what uses you can find for these shelters. You may be surprised to learn that there are several, especially if you are an outdoor type of person. Consider any of the following reasons to use a pop up canopy:

A Small, Outdoor Wedding: The portable canopy will keep your small gathering of wedding guests comfortable and shaded from light rain or from the sun.

A Summer Barbecue, Outdoor Party or Picnic: Has your outdoor party or barbecue ever been compromised by rain or blaring sun? The pop up canopy is probably an ideal solution for such an event. In addition, it's a sensible way to keep your barbecue grill, dishes, and food dry in the event of an unexpected shower. If you choose a large enough canopy, it will accommodate the grill, food, table and chairs and several guests. It's also a smart idea for family picnics.

A Beach Outing: Your portable, pop up canopy is ideal for trips to the beach. On sunny days, you can lie on the sand and be protected in the shade.

A Flea Market Sale or Trade Show: If you've ever considered selling products or household goods at a flea market, a portable gazebo or canopy may be more suitable than setting up a table to showcase your goods. The canopy will protect your goods from fading from the sun and from the rain. It's also ideal for trade shows and exhibitions.

As a final thought, when purchasing your pop up canopy, you might ant to consider accessories. One good idea is a rolling carrying bag on wheels. This makes for easy transport. Another accessory to consider are canopy weights to keep the stakes extra secure on wet ground. Ask your dealer for more suggestions and offerings.