Three Trade Show Exhibit Rental Items You Cannot Do Without

30 June 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you have decided to take the next step in business and put your business out there and obtain more exposure via a trade show, good for you. Just remember, there are a few things you will need to accomplish this feat, besides stamina and an extroverted personality. You will need more than just your promotional items, banners and business cards too. The following three items you cannot do without, and to make it a less expensive ordeal, you can rent these items too.

Trade Show Display Stands

Trade show display stands can be used for banners of all shapes and sizes, or you can project video and digital slideshows onto a white banner/screen over the display stand. In both instances, you can rent the stands and any screens you need, while the banners you can have printed up for use at this trade show and any others you participate in in the future. If you do not have a digital slideshow projector, you may also be able to rent one of these too. It creates greater interest for passers-by who might stop to watch part of the show as it changes images on your trade show displays.

Sound System

If you plan to show any moving media, you may also want sound. Rent a sound system that is compatible with your projector, laptop/computer and can easily be set up in the booth space to which you are confined. The speakers should be up high and small but loud enough that visitors can hear your presentation over the din of the crowds and the echoes that may bounce off the venue's walls (especially when the event is held in a stadium or expo center). If you also plan to use a microphone at some point in your presentation/demo, then a sound system in these venues is a necessity. Otherwise, you may not be heard clearly or understood.

Booth Space--Covered or Uncovered?

In all of the hustle and bustle of preparing for the trade show, do not forget the main rental item you need most--your booth space! The booth space may be indoors or out, and if it is outside, you may want to have a booth awning to keep off the sun. This is very true if you have products that could melt, become sticky in bright sunlight or draw insect pests. Keeping your products cool in the shade of a booth cover will reduce the possibility of these issues. If your products are also edible, consider pastry display cases, which would keep insects out and off of your goods. The booth fixtures, booth awnings and even pastry display cases may be rented, but if you intend to do more shows, you may just want to buy these items anyway.

For more information about the equipment you might need, contact a trade show exhibit rental company.