Commercial Carpet Cleaning ~ Three Reasons Your Hotel Needs It

6 June 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


Do you own a hotel or lodging property with carpeted flooring? If so, you have likely experienced times or seasons when your carpet looked terrible. Depending on the area where the business is located, this worn and shoddy appearance may be caused by snow or excessive rain. 

A problem that many commercial property owners in your industry create themselves is relying on outdated carpet cleaning practices or investing in carpet cleaning equipment that is not designed for commercial use. These things can make soiled carpet appear dirty and worn. The following are three benefits that a professional carpet cleaning service could provide to your business that may also lengthen the life of your carpet. 

Improved Air Quality

You may lose customers if your property has poor air quality. For example, issues with air quality might be more evident in a lodging location because people spend extended time sleeping or residing on these properties. Even if you have outstanding cleaning practices, it is possible that some of the cleaners that you use are negatively impacting the air quality. Some cleaning solutions are irritants that some people cannot stand to smell. 

Dust Control

Dust can be spread throughout commercial properties in a number of ways. Sometimes the heating and cooling systems in buildings circulate dust particles throughout properties. This can be due to issues with the HVAC system, but dust particles may also be spread throughout buildings by people or pets spreading them. Carpet is an area that is prone to trapping dust particles deep within the fibers. This is why superficial and light carpet cleaning efforts are not expected to have long-lasting effects. A professional will have access to equipment that can reach below the surface of carpet and extract dirt and dust. 

Great Business Impressions

Dirty carpet can send a message to your customers that your business is unprofessional or unkempt. Some people may even assume that the carpet is dirty because your business is in financial trouble. Relying on a professional carpet cleaning service may allow you to have your carpet treated with stain repellent products. This means that you can expect your carpet to look great between professional services, and the upkeep on your part may be as simple as spot cleaning as needed for spills. 

A carpet cleaning company is the best resource to use to determine the level and frequency of cleaning needed for your hotel. This is something that could vary depending on the time of year. For example, you may need the service more frequently during your busiest times of the year or when the weather is more likely to be inclement. 

If your carpet is in need of professional cleaning, contact H & L Janitorial Service or another local carpet cleaning company to get your hotel looking its best.