Shopping For Used Pallets? Know What the Different Types Are

20 April 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog


Do you need pallets for your business, but want to save money by purchasing pallets that are used? You may be surprised to learn that all pallets are not made equally. There actually can be some differences between pallets that you need to be made aware of before you start shopping for one.

The Size

Are you looking for a pallet that is a specific size? You may be surprised to see that there is not much variety in how big pallets are. That's because there is a standard size of 48" x 40" for pallets, with only a couple deviations from that. The other sizes that you'll see are 48" x 48" and pallets that are 42" x 42". If you need something bigger or smaller, it doesn't exist because it will not fit with existing pallet moving equipment that is an industry-standard. 

The Grade

When you purchase a used pallet, they are given one of three grades that identify the overall quality of the pallet. You'll see these identified as grades #1, #2, and #3. As you can imagine, a grade #1 pallet is going to be the best quality that you can find for a used pallet. It may have some repairs done to it, but the condition is overall good and will be the best out there. As you go lower in the used pallet grades, you'll find that more repairs have been made and there are more inconsistencies in the size of the wood. However, they are all rated to hold the same weight, but you'll likely get a shorter lifespan out of the lower-grade pallets.

The Wood

Pallets are made out of both hardwood and softwood. While you may think that you want a pallet made out of hardwood, know that both have their pros and cons. Hardwood pallets are stronger and last longer, but are harder and more costly to repair. Softwood pallets are easier to repair, and can even be cheaper to repair as well due to the cost of the wood. 

The Type

You'll see several different types of pallets out there, with the most common ones being stringer pallets, block pallets, and solid deck pallets. These are used to describe the construction of the pallet itself, which you may have a personal preference for. Pallets can also be described as being two-way or four-way pallets, which identify if the pallet can be lifted on two or four sides.