Useful Suggestions for Learning New Rendering Software

15 December 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you have a profession where you design things using 3D models, you may eventually end up using new rendering software. There will be a transitional period involved, but if you follow these tips, making a pivot to this new rendering solution won't be that difficult.

Find Software That's Similar to the Previous Solution

If you do have a choice in selecting which new rendering software program you use, then it might be best to focus on a new solution that's somewhat similar to the previous one. Then this transition won't be as dramatic because you'll already be familiar with most of the controls and systems.

There might be some differences here and there, but your past working knowledge can be used with the new rendering software program. You'll just need to learn about the subtle variations of the new software to hit the ground running with success. 

Create Impactful Keyboard Shortcuts

You'll be using a keyboard to make adjustments to your designs in the new rendering software program. To optimize your capabilities right off the bat with this new program, go ahead and create impactful keyboard shortcuts. Then you can get to certain parts of the software a lot faster, whether it's a lighting mode or feature that lets you adjust perspectives.

You'll just need to spend time browsing the new rendering program for a while so that you can see what areas you'll be visiting the most. Then you can program these destinations into your keyboard, saving you time and making the overall navigation process much more convenient. 

Review Results Using Different Tools

There are a lot of amazing tools that you'll have access to in your new rendering program. So that you're able to use them competently early on, you need to experiment with them in real-time. It might be a tool for making lighting adjustments or a tool that expands your models. 

Going through each tool carefully and seeing the results it can have will give you better insights on how the new rendering program is different from the last one you used. That will protect you from a difficult learning curve. 

Transitioning to a new rendering program may be necessary, whether it's to gain access to more controls or modern design solutions. Just make sure you take this transition seriously and do smart things that help you reach a comfortable state sooner rather than later. Learn more by contacting services that provide products like Sketchup rendering plugins.